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nicky vanvalkenburghAbout Nicky VanValkenburgh

Nicky VanValkenburgh is a dynamic woman driven by a passion and energy for natural health. She developed this website, 20 Minutes to Less Stress, after experiencing a remarkable personal transformation with the U-Cure cds.

"20 Minutes To Less Stress" welcomes over 100,000 visitors yearly (from 26 countries) and has been online since 2005. Our U-Cure cds will inspire you to relax, unwind and let go-- as you recharge your mind, body and spirit. Life is too short for self-pity, anger, defeat and frustration. That is why we must embrace the mindset of a winner: optimistic, upbeat, pro-active, and ready for a challenge.

Nicky is an innovative and out-of-the-box thinker. She loves to read books about self-help, motivation and personal achievement... and think about the practical applications for everyday life. Reading and reflecting is also the fuel for Nicky's newspaper articles and online newsletter. Her motivational newspaper column, "Parenting Perspective" is read by 250,000 people in South Carolina, and is published in Upstate Parent, Low Country Parent and Palmetto Parent.

Nicky's background includes 15 years of writing for newspapers and magazines, ghostwriting books, technical writing, movie reviews, marketing and public relations, graphic design and computer-based training. Nicky is the former Associate Editor of Movieguide magazine. She has a Master's in Journalism and Counseling, and a Bachelor's in Psychology. 

Nicky is married to a Personal Trainer and together they have two children. When her children were born, Nicky relied on relaxation techniques (Bradley Method) to stay calm and focused. Her oldest son was born underwater, in a pool, with the help of nurse midwives.

In her spare time, Nicky enjoys going to Spin, Body Combat, Pilates, Yoga and Step classes at the gym. She enjoys networking with people, attending conferences, listening to motivational speakers, eating Thai food, drinking herbal tea, and learning all she can about healthy lifestyles.

Thumbs up from Dr. Thomas Hohn!

"Hello from Germany! This is Dr. Thomas Hohn from the Good Life Foundation. I'm a personal friend of Dr Leonard Coldwell, and I receive emails and phone calls everyday from people just like you who are seeking natural alternatives for their health and emotional problems. I've recommended the U-Cure cds for over ten years now, and seen many lives changed as a result. I've been corresponding with Nicky online, and she has created a wonderful website that explains the U-Cure cds and technology behind it. After many years of practicing conventional medicine, I have come to realize that drugs and surgery are not the answer to most common ailments. I encourage everyone to try U-Cure, because it will give you a practical coping strategy that will transform your life."   

Dr. Thomas Hohn, MD.

Thumbs up from Dr. Kalinda the "Money Mentor!"

kalinda rose stevenson"Initially, I hired Nicky for some editorial feedback on a writing project. I found her comments and insights very helpful. Even though we live on opposite sides of the United States, we soon became friends and colleagues. Through frequent emails and phone calls, we consult each other regularly about our writing projects, and offer encouragement and support to each other. Nicky has read my books while I was writing them, and offered editorial suggestions. She has also written endorsements for each one. For my part, I have offered comments about Nicky’s projects. I am impressed by the depth and breadth of her knowledge, especially about health issues and the topic of brainpower research. Nicky is a walking encyclopedia about stress and the brain. I enthusiastically recommend Nicky's website and her products to anyone who wants less stress and more out of life." 

Kalinda Rose Stevenson, Ph.D.,  Author of "No Money Limits for Real Estate Investors,"

Spinning® instructor gives thumbs up!

"What I like about Nicky is her contagious optimism, happy demeanor, friendliness, and steadfast drive to accomplish her goals.  I met Nicky over a year ago at our local gym, where I'm a Spinning® instructor.  Nicky has become quite proficient at Spinning® and is now able to complete the most strenuous sprints, climbs, jumps, and runs and loves participating in the 1 ½ hour classes.  Nicky tends to be happy, upbeat and is fun to have around."

Janet Rivett, Spinning® instructor at Sportsclub Simpsonville & Greenville, South Carolina.