Train Your Brain Tranform Your LifeIt's confusing when experts diagnose & treat ADHD differently! Who is right, who is wrong, and what really matters?"

Written by: Nicky VanValkenburgh 

Dear Reader:


The topic of ADHD is confusing. There are different opinions and points of view. Consider the differences between medical doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, neurotherapists, and biofeedback practitioners. Each of them diagnose and treat ADHD differently. Some folks even say that ADHD is a made-up diagnosis. It's a hot topic, with authorities on both sides of the fence.

It's important to think for ourselves, and do our own homework. Don't fall into a trap of blindly trusting authorities. This is the mistake that I made when taking Ritalin. I assumed the drug was safe and mild. I assumed my doctor had my best interest at heart. Now I realize that my doctor only has a partial understanding. He doesn't know everything. It's a hard lesson to learn. Just because someone is an authority does not mean they're right. Sometimes, an authority isn't correct at all.

If you've been diagnosed with ADHD, there are certain assumptions that go hand-in-hand with that label. Unfortunately, many of these assumptions are wrong. I'm convinced that ADHD is:

* Not a neurological disease.

* Not a sign that you're defective.

* Not a devastating life sentence.

Plus, ADHD does not equal:

* A medical need for Ritalin.

* A dependency on drugs.

When it comes to brain training, you might be hesitant to try it because you want scientific evidence and proof that it works. That's why I wrote this book: To share the science, mixed with personal stories, insights and experiences. It's satisfying and comforting to have scientific support for brain training, but most people simply want to feel better. Deep down inside, that's all we really want. We want to feel better. We also want compassion and understanding, not just a bunch of information. When it comes down to it, that's what really matters.

My friend, you can conquer ADHD, while lying flat on your back, with your eyes closed. You can tackle those stubborn ADHD symptoms, like distraction, disorganization, restless energy, and low arousal. You can do it, without swallowing pills or wrestling with side effects. My friend, if you can spare just 22 minutes a day, then you can train your brain and transform your life. Yes, you can conquer ADHD in 60 days, without Ritalin. When it comes down to it, that's what really matters.

All the best,
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